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1:1 Coaching Offerings

Embrace all aspects of who you are, Mind, Body & Spirit. 

We’ll work together to support you in living your life choice, not by default. Whether you want a new job or you want to deepen or reconnect to your spirituality or experience more joy and calm, this is where you learn to develop your inner foundation. I’m here to offer a safe space with compassion and loving directness to support your journey.

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Duration: 2+ months | Investment: $1,111

3 x Zoom Coaching Sessions per month (up to 75 min.)

2 x Spot Coaching Support Calls (30 mins.)

1 x Zoom Post Trip Follow-up Session (up to 75 min.)


Supplemental Worksheets + Exercises

In this 8-week coaching container you’ll begin by creating a personal Vision that lights you up, get connected to your core Values, understand more about your triggers, learn powerful somatic & mindset tools to keep you in alignment with joy, peace and empowerment. You’ll also explore techniques to transform limiting beliefs into superpowers and explore giving yourself compassion when fear comes up. By the end of these two months, you will have a basic understanding of the levels of Awareness, Acceptance and Aligned Action so you can consciously choose to create the experiences and life your soul craves.



Duration: 4+ months | Investment: $2,222

3 x Zoom Coaching Sessions per month (up to 75 min.)

4 x Spot Coaching Support Calls (30 mins.)

1 x Zoom Post Journey Follow-up Session (up to 75 min.)

1 x Enneagram RHETI Test & Report 

1 x Enneagram Deep Dive Zoom Session (30 min.)

*1 Complimentary Online Breath Session (if package paid in full)


Supplemental Worksheets + Exercises

In this 12 week deep dive container we’ll cover everything that’s included in the Joy Trip package. However, we’ll have more time for you to dive even deeper into transforming inner limiting beliefs and trauma patterns that keep you in a loop of disempowerment and malaise.


With a longer container, you have more time to discover, unpack and transform inner blocks by deepening your understanding and experience of the techniques and tools that will make a difference in your life today, and into the future!


You’ll learn more about yourself and your tendencies through the Deep Dive Enneagram RHETI Test (See below to learn more about this test). We can explore your triggers, set-backs and fears through the lens of developing and strengthening your own spiritual alignment.

Custom payment plans are available.

If you know you're ready for some support, and you need a smaller package to meet your financial needs, LET"S TALK. I'm about creating workability and empowerment!!! 


About the Enneagram RHETI Test

I have gained so much from learning more about my personal Enneagram type and tendencies. Which is why I use it as another tool to empower my clients. As with any personality test, it is not meant to box you into any way of being, thinking or acting etc. The Enneagram is not only a tool for understanding ourselves and others, but is also a powerful tool for growth, self-awareness, self-discovery, and spiritual growth. 

The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI® version 2.5) is the world's most popular Enneagram-based test. It is a scientifically validated, forced-choice personality test with 144 paired statements. The test takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.


The RHETI® version 2.5 has been independently scientifically validated. Rather than just indicating your basic type, however, the RHETI® produces a full personality profile across all nine types. This provides you with a unique portrait, indicating the relative strengths and weaknesses of the nine types within your overall personality.


Your results will given in a PDF format and includes your scores for all the nine types in a full-spectrum profile, as well as the Expanded Type Descriptions for your top three scores. 

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