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 The Journey

  • Join a community of like-minded souls for a night of healing, cathartic dance & ceremonial breathwork

  • Release stagnant energy from your body, mind & soul, activate your senses, turn down your mind chatter & become more receptive to your inner wisdom & power

  • Open to deeper levels of intimacy & Spirit

  • Decrease anxiety & stress

  • EXPERIENCE all that your mind, body and soul need in a safe, nurturing & healing environment.

 The Music

  • I DJ a live set custom, curated music for the event.

  • You'll listen to a transportive soundscape (curated with love) to help you drop into a deep healing space.

  • During the Ecstatic Dance, the flavor is a blend of tribal/organic house, electronic, medicine and world beats blended together to create deep spaces of connection, release & joy.

  • For the breath/meditation journey, I slow things down and go even deeper as you let your mind go and you journey into the exploration of your essence.

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 The Flow

  • Ecstatic Dance - Flow into a journey of freeform movement. It's an opportunity to follow the energy of the music & explore your body/heart/soul through movement. You're free to explore whatever that arises for you.

  • Breath Journey - After dancing, we'll move into a powerful, healing pranayama practice (breathwork) blending Ancient Eastern, North and South American wisdom traditions.

  • Integration - After your breath journey, take a few moments to integrate your experience, connect with one another and share your radiant energy with the world.

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