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Thank You for Listening

You've landed here because you took the time to listen to me on the Free Your Soma Podcast with Aimee Takaya, and I wanted to thank you with a few offerings.

3 FREE Coaching Sessions:

I'm offering 3 individuals a FREE coaching session. This offer is first come, first served. This opportunity will best serve you if you're dealing with a challenge and you truly want some inner clarity and you're open to receive some coaching support..


During our time together, we'll dive right into your challenge so you can leave our session with some inner clarity, peace and new action steps, whether those actions are interior or exterior or both.

Just click the button below to contact me. I'll follow up with an intake form for you to complete and then we can take it from there.

FREE Living My Vision Worksheet:

I'd like to gift everyone a downloadable copy of the 'Living My Vision' worksheet to support you in getting connected to what really lights you up! Visioning as a way to support creating & manifesting is POWERFUL, and I use this worksheet with all of my clients. I can speak firsthand to the magic of this tool. So I invite you to show up fully, use it and see it as an opportunity to support you feeling good inside... you will see results.

Just click the button below to download the pdf.

Want more tips, freebies, to learn more about my services & be the first to know about my upcoming events and other magical happenings? 


Click below & sign up for my newsletter. YAY!

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