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Together, We'll Explore & Learn Ways to Embrace ALL of Who You Are


Embody the Ways of

Feeling, Thinking and Being that FEEL GOOD for YOU

Let's Work Together

Experience a greater flow of energy with a powerhouse combo of inner transformation paired with soulfully aligned strategy so you can create & live your life by choice & design.

We'll work together to discover & transform the root of what's holding you back from joy, purpose & passion. In the process, you'll learn powerful & impactful tools that will serve you for life! 

To learn about my 1:1 Coaching Offerings, click the button.

A profoundly powerful & mystical force, pranayama (breathwork) has the capacity to release, shift, open, ground, align & reconnect you to your true essence.

Turn your down the mental chatter & let your body's wisdom take you where you need to go. 

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A Transformational DEEP DIVE to heal, transform & integrate the negative emotions, limiting beliefs & stories that have you feeling stuck, disempowered, uninspired & lacking joy in an area of life.

Experience renewed energy, confidence & a fresh new perspective to create your dreams.

To learn about MER® Breakthrough Session, click the button.


Free flowing movement heals our energy body, physical body, emotional body & spiritual being.

It helps releases stuck energy, creates community, joy & brings us right back into the moment...back into our embodied power.


What Clients Have Shared

Andrea is not only skilled, but incredibly intuitive at getting to the heart of what's needed and dealing with very deep wounds with such grace and compassion. I highly recommend working with her if you can.

Jeff - Men's Life Coach

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