Are you ready to shift into JOY?

I'm here to share how you can create a life you love 


Expand Joy & Peace of Mind 
Pain Management
Build Inner Trust
Improve Performance
& Productivity
Connect to Spirit
& Your Intuition
Increase Creativity
Release & Heal Trauma
Reduce Anxiety 
& Stress 


Breathwork is not new. It is Yogic Breathing or Pranayama, an ancient form of active meditation. Prana means life force; Ayama translates as "to extend or draw out." Together, the two mean breath extension or control.

The type of breath modality you will experience is a gentle and natural pranayam, and the rhythm is often compared to the movement of the ocean. No experience is necessary, and it is open to all backgrounds, affiliations, and religions.

Pranayama is a simple, elegant and powerful practice. With this work, you can release stuck patterns, heal wounds and open up to the flow of life and deepen your connection to yourself.

Your Session

Each session begins with an opportunity to check in and share where you are, what you are dealing with and what you looking to work through and create.


I will be your guide, helping you to find and maintain your breath. I am there to hold a sacred space, and provide support for you as your breath reveals what is there for you to experience. Curated music, sound and scent are used to create an atmosphere conducive for you to drop in so you and Spirit can do the work. I incorporate Angelic Reiki healing, and may include hands-on touch, essential oils and ceremonial incense when called for. We will conclude each session with a brief integration of your experience. 

You will leave relaxed and refreshed, with a new clarity and connection to yourself and your truths. And from that space, you can create and live your life in LOVE.

 Schedule a Session

  • Initial sessions  are approximately 1 .5 hours as extra time is needed for completing intake forms. Regular sessions are approximately 1 hour 15 mins.

  • In Person Sessions (online or my Redondo Beach Studio)

    • $175 online for single sessions.

      • Packages available

    • $200 in person

      • Packages available

Payment must be received in advance in order to secure and confirm your appointment.



Hello! I am an artist, a Breathwork and Angelic Reiki Practitioner and entrepreneur. I am a lifelong learner and seeker in the ways of causing Connection, Joy, Healing, Play and FUN in the world. I am a stand for LOVE, and that all people live a life of their dreams. In my practice, I have combined my love of music, vibration, spirituality, healing and art so that others may experience a deeper connection to themselves and to Spirit.


I fully engage my multi-faceted professional and personal experience in order to create a beautiful and safe space for people to be fully expressed and heal themselves. I had the honor and privilege to study Pranayama (breathwork) with Michael Brian Baker of The Breath Center. My studies include; a B.F.A. in Philosophy and M.F.A. in Public Practice from Otis College of Art and Design, 2 years of coaching experience through the Team Management and Leadership Program at Landmark Worldwide, several years as massage therapist and Physical Therapy Aide, and certification as an Angelic Reiki practitioner. 



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